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A Rewarding Way to Track Your Cognition

- Project by Jeanne Lee - 

Cogtrain is a cognitive management app that incentivizes users to complete short games assessing memory, psychomotor skills, and calculation skills, utilizing questions from medical dementia screenings.

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About Cogtrain

By successfully completing games, users earn points that can be redeemed for coupons offering discounts on drinks, food, and vitamin supplements. The app also allows users to track their cognitive changes over time, receive comprehensive assessments of their memory performance, and share their results with healthcare professionals. In addition, Cogtrain provides informative articles on cognitive health, dementia prevention, and memory loss. Users can connect with friends and participate in weekly rankings for added social interaction. By incorporating gamification elements, Cogtrain aims to alleviate concerns associated with cognitive screenings, creating a user-friendly and enjoyable experience that encourages individuals to actively manage their cognitive health.

The goals of Cogtrain can be summarized as follows. Firstly, the app aims to raise awareness about cognitive health and educate users of all ages on dementia prevention. Secondly, Cogtrain seeks to regularly evaluate users' cognitive health over an extended period to gather accurate data on subtle cognitive changes. Lastly, the app endeavors to create an engaging screening experience and motivate individuals to undergo in-person screenings by providing referrals to local hospitals and testing centers. The ultimate objective of these goals is to prevent dementia within the broader population.

Understanding the potential difficulty of facing a dementia diagnosis, the app intends to reward individuals who take proactive measures to manage their cognitive health. Through using the app, users realize that assessments are not excessively challenging or intimidating, thereby encouraging them to pursue official medical screenings in the future with honesty and accuracy.

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